Some information about Paris airports

The most convenient route to choose for travelling is Air travel. It is not only safe and comfortable, but it is equally fast and affordable also. The ticket booking procedure was a significant concern with the flights earlier, but now digitalization has made it much quicker, simple, hassle-free ticket booking experience. The user-friendly interface ensures ready flight ticket in just a few clicks.

If you have a plan to travel from Hong Kong to Paris, then air route is what you should choose. The nearest airport to Hong Kong is, and its IATA code is HKG. The nearest airport of Paris is Charles De Gaulle airport with an IATA code, CDG. There are four airlines operational between Paris and Hong Kong, and there are around 41 flights in a week. The travel duration between Hong Kong and Paris is approximately 13 hours and 20 minutes. You can visit here for more flight information. So, simply book a flight and be at ease until you land at to your destination.

If we talk about Paris airports, it is served by five airports:

  • Charles de Gaulle (CDG)
  • Orly
  • Vatry
  • Beauvais
  • Le Bourget

CDG and Orly are the two biggest and right French airports in passenger traffic. These airports are providing international flights to their destinations all over the world. Beauvais and Vatry are far away from the Paris city but are a common choice for on –budget travellers. Le Bourget is an airport that is mostly used for business flights.

Which airport is the best?

There are so many factors that are responsible for choosing the best airport to fly into. It is about where you are departing from, where your accommodation is located in Paris, and what is the purpose of your visit to Paris?

· On-budget travelling to Paris:

If you are going to Paris on a budget, Vatry and Beauvais are the excellent options. Many of the low-cost airlines operate at these airports. The only issue is that getting to Paris from any of these two airports will require more time and cost. In case of having accommodation in the greater Paris area, it is easy to reach via public transport.

· Traveling to Paris centre:

If your destination is Paris centre and its landmarks, then Le Bourget and Charles De Gaulle are the perfect options. These airports have the most frequent connection to the city. Orly is significantly closer to Paris, and it is much affordable option when it comes to a taxi ride to the town. While Charles de Gaulle provides a better public transport connection and it is an excellent choice for everyone who has to use a bus or train to go to the centre. Most of the Paris landmarks are closely located in the city centre, so it is a good start to visit famous sights like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame church or its nearby Latin Quarter district.

If you have a connected flight and you need to go from one Paris airport to another, you can go from CDG to Orly or vice versa.

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