St. Barts, a Splendid Vacation Spot After Irma

Although hurricane Irma ravaged St Barts in September 2017, the volcanic island is beginning to come back to life. One of the popular spots in the Caribbean for travelers, hotels, restaurants, and beaches are reopening, beautiful and ready for visitors. Travelers interested in visiting the area are encouraged to experience the island from a luxury villa rental and plan a trip to this charming, unique island.

The beaches on St Barts after Irma are open and accessible to visitors. These beaches, known for their beautiful white sand surrounded by bright turquoise water, are clean and as beautiful as they have been in the past, pre-storm. In a ranking of the world’s best 100 beaches, Saline Beach, of St. Barts, ranked number 5 according to the beach enthusiasts and travelers surveyed by CNN. As one of the more secluded beaches on the island, this beach is also a great spot for bird viewing. Other popular beaches in the area, including St Jean Beach and Flamands Beach, provide a relaxing beach getaway.

St Barts is also home to wonderful snorkeling and diving opportunities. The shallow reef surrounding the island is a popular spot for these water sports. While exploring wildlife in the area, visitors will be delighted by the wide variety of life on the island. The Marine Reserve serves to protect the natural wildlife, including sea grasses, conch, corral, pelicans, herons. and endangered creatures, such as sea turtles. After experiencing the wildlife, take the opportunity to relax in the luxury villa.

Travel to St. Barts is colored by wonderful landmarks, as well. The Gustavia Lighthouse, built in 1961, continues to beckon travelers with its white, green and red lights safely leading the way. Gustavia Harbour provides a picturesque view of the town and the boat lined seascape and is a popular site for visitors to the island.

January is a popular time to travel to the island. The popular St. Barts Music Festival is an international performing arts event, one of St. Barts most popular cultural events, which features all varieties of music, including calypso and reggae, genres strongly impacted by the culture of the area. With beautiful boutiques and a variety of other shopping experiences, shopping on the island is a popular pastime. Unique gifts, designer clothing and spectacular homemade jewelry are sought after items on the island.

St. Barts is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, fantastic wildlife, and is one of the most popular places to visit in the Caribbean. The volcanic island is making a strong comeback after the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. Travelers interested in experiencing the wonders of this area, including experiencing the turquoise blue waters and wonders of the reef while diving or snorkeling, or those interested in visiting the quaint and popular shops in the area, are encouraged to make reservations immediately with one of the popular villas in the area, which provide both comfort and luxury. The island counts on tourism, and it is a spectacular time to visit the Caribbean Island of St. Barts with a luxury Villa rental.

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