Selecting The Best Bass Fishing Rods

Bass Fishing Rods

            If you want to catch some decent sized bass, you must have the right fishing rod to do it. There are many types of fishing rods, you will have to do your research and find the one that is right for you. There are subtle differences between bass fishing rods, and you will have to do some research to see which one is the best for you.

The top ten best bass fishing rods are listed below in no particular order. All these fishing rods are great for bass fishing, and you will have hours of fishing fun with any of them.

            Phenix Maxim Casting Rod

            This fishing rod is one of the best rods for casting and is a great rod for fishing for bass. This rod is versatile and lightweight and is a great all-around rod, especially for beginners. The rod is best used with a baitcasting reel, and this is the style that many bass fishermen enjoy. These rods are good for the single hook lures like the jigs and worms.

The rod is made from a lightweight carbon fiber that is perfectly balanced. It has a locking reel seat and a non-slip handle. This makes fishing with this rod simple and easy for the first-time fisherman. You can learn more about these rods here at this website:  You can decide if this will the right rod for you.

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod

            This rod is an affordable fishing rod to go fishing with and will bring you hours of joy. Although this is an inexpensive rod, fishermen compare it favorably to the rods that cost well over two hundred dollars. There are many models of this rod, ranging in size from six feet seven inches all the way to one that is seven feet four inches. They are made from a twenty-four-ton carbon fiber and are very durable and strong.

The reel seat is made from a high strength graphite and this rod is priced so that people who are new to fishing can buy one just to see if they like it.

            St. Croix Bass X Rod

            This is a versatile rod that is, unfortunately, not a good rod for beginners because it is a bit challenging for them. This is very good for all types of lures that will attract bass and you will catch many with this rod. You need to read about the St. Croix Bass X rod because you will be in awe of its capabilities. This is a rod to use when you want to catch lots of bass and have a good time while doing it.

These rods come in sizes from five feet six inches all the way to seven feet to better serve your needs. You will have a great time fishing with this rod if you are a more experienced fisherman.

Ugly Stick Elite Spinning Rod

            This rod comes in multiple sizes, is very sensitive, and is also very affordable. It is meant for a more casual fisherman but can still catch you lots of bass. There are rod sizes that begin at four feet six inches and goes to seven feet lengths. This rod is meant to be used with a spinning reel and it allows you to cast for long distances.

Entsport Camo Legend 2-Piece Baitcasting Rod

            This rod is affordable and comes with two tips and a bag to store it in. It can be challenging to use because it does come in two pieces, but that also allows it to be very portable. This is the rod to use if you like using spinnerbaits. This rod also comes with two interchangeable tips that you can switch out for different fishing experiences.

This rod is made from twenty-four-ton carbon fiber making the rod both strong and lightweight. The reel seat is made from a corrosion resistant aluminum hood and the rod has stainless steel guides.

  1. Loomis Trout and Panfish Spinning Rod

            This is a high-quality sensitive and lightweight rod that is fairly expensive. This rod is meant for smaller fish, but does really well for bass, as well. This rod comes in lengths from five to seven feet to suit every fisherman’s style. The longer rods are meant for fast action and are designed to carry two ten-pound lines. This is made from a fiber blend with a cork grip for comfort.

Using this rod is a challenge to catch a larger fish on a lighter rod. A lot of fishermen like the fact that it is lightweight and compact. You can look here for more information on this rod. You may find that this is the rod for you.

Lew’s Fishing American Hero Triggerstick Casting Rod

            This is a durable rod that is also heavy duty and sensitive making it great for beginners. This is a seven feet six-inch rod that is good for more accurate casting and the fast action allows you to set the hook better and quicker.

This is meant to be used with a fishing line that is rated for up to forty pounds which allows you to drag the bass out from their deep cover in the water.

Plusinno Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

            This rod is truly meant for beginners and comes with the reel. It also comes with a full kit that includes hooks, sinkers, lures, and a line. This makes it affordable and durable making it great for the beginning fisherman.

It is made from carbon fiber and fiberglass making the pole very durable for those beginners who get snagged in the debris that is in the water. It comes in sizes from five feet eleven inches all the way to eight feet ten inches.

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