The Decalogue of the bicycle

There are good reasons why these civilians, architects, engineers, transport engineers and journalists all over the world use such a simple, reasonable, economic and pleasant means of transportation. Many discussions are being done to increase the use of bicycles around the world. Others think it’s fashionable, others think it as a financial solution. Some say it is transitory and others are an expression of the urgent need for viable cities.

Let’s take things from the beginning. The advantages of a bicycle are many and different:

  1. I’m cycling because I’m in a hurry…

Bicycle is the fastest way to travel. Research shows that cycling is the fastest way to move people up to 5 km. And at the same time it is both practical and flexible! You can stop at any point to shop; you can have it in your coffee, for a quick espresso. You do not waste time looking for a parking lot and you do not give money either to move or to park. And if it’s moving or not, it makes no difference to you.

  1. You can use it in combination with other means of transport to get even farther

The bike can be easily combined with a train or metro and if it is folding and taxi! This means that one can easily cover the 500 meters or one kilometer to the closest stop (which is a distance to walk but extremely close to the bike), then cross the city from one end to the other with the train or metro again to move to its final destination with the bike. This allows for mild exercise without simultaneously requiring exceptional physical fitness or perspiring until it reaches its destination. With a folding bicycle, you can easily get in the evening if you are tired or if you catch a tire – away from us – put it in the taxi or in a friend’s car and come back.

  1. The best friend of the car…

No matter how strange it sounds, cyclists contribute to improving traffic conditions and cars. A cyclist more on the road means fewer cars. So, for those who still prefer to move with their cars, it helps a lot.

  1. Greater autonomy for elderly people

At distances of less than 5km, the Danish bicycles ensure autonomy in advanced ages. When someone grows up, the ability to walk decreases. It is difficult to stand in the queues for the bus, driving a car is not recommended and taxis are expensive. Cycling gives older people the opportunity to maintain their physical condition at a good level and to feel more independent and autonomous in their small, everyday movements in their neighborhood. And keeps them young!

  1. It is practical and convenient

The bike is fast; it gives autonomy, like the car, and is more flexible as a means of transportation.

  1. Children love the bike

No need to explain why kids love cycling. Just remember your childhood.

  1. Those who tried to ride a bike, they liked it

Often to their surprise, those who enjoyed the bike liked it. For example, two-thirds of a European survey responded that weather conditions bothered them much less than they imagined. And more than half responded that the bike is easier than they thought.

  1. It costs nothing

Bicycle is not only an economic means; it also helps in the development of the economy. Those who visit bicycle shops make fewer purchases at a time, but visit shops more often.

  1. I’m shopping by bicycle

The bike is a suitable means for everyday shopping. When we visit a super market or a home-grocery store, we think of big trunk trunks and loaded trolleys.

  1. Cities with more free spaces are beautiful cities. And the bike creates free spaces

Car parking spaces cost a lot, as they can cost around 4,000 to 16,000 euros depending on the city and the point. Yet, every new parking space that is created is immediately occupied by cars. Another vicious circle starts.

Cities investing in the bicycle benefit from lowering the cost of creating car parking spaces, while saving space for the public, as in the space needed to park a car,9 bicycles fit.

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