Places that Should Be on Your Bucket List this 2019


The New Year has just started and it’s time to list all the beautiful places you should dream of visiting and add them to your bucket list. With so many places worthy to be part of your bucket list, the most satisfying feeling is ticking off destinations from your list and having an amazing travel experience at the time. If you value comfort and convenience during your travels, flying in a private jet charter guarantees you an enjoyable and hassle-free experience in kicking off your ultimate bucket list trip. The convenience and efficiency in travelling in a private jet charter is a great start to fulfilling your travel goals.

Here are some places that perfectly suit your dream adventures and should be in your bucket list destinations.



If you love the sun, the sand and the sea, The Maldives deserves the number one spot on your bucket list. With its beautiful beaches and white sand, the Maldives is considered by travel companies to be a tropical paradise. The best thing about staying in the Maldives is its rich and amazing underwater life. If you are a luxury traveller, you don’t have to worry since the Maldives has a lot of luxury hotels. There are also a lot of family resorts, budget resorts and dive resorts that you can choose from.



Sri Lanka is the number one travel destination in 2019 and is the top country to visit in Asia.  Sri Lanka gives you the best of everything, is rich in culture and history, and has beautiful sand beaches, stunning mountains, and vibrant festivals. It also gives you a taste of the wildlife and the eventful sounds of city life. Sri Lanka is should definitely be at the top of your list.



If you love cherry blossoms, Japan should be part of your travel bucket list. Japan is famous for its cherry blossom festivals, which are held all over Japan during the spring. Beautiful flowers are the main attraction during this festival. And if you also love the mountains and highlands, you will love Japan for its beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. The famous Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and you can climb it during the summer to see the sun rise over the landscape. And if you are a fan of the sport rugby, Japan is the host country for the Rugby World Cup 2019 which will happen from September to November this year. There are so many reasons to visit Japan this 2019.


If you are interested in hiking, Nepal should be part of your bucket list. Trekkers flock to Nepal to hike to the famous south Everest Base Camp. Mt. Everest is the world’s highest mountain above sea level. Travellers would also love Nepal because of its culturally rich heritage sites. There are a lot of UNESCO world heritage sites found in Nepal: one famous site is Lumbini, which is the birthplace of the Buddha.

It’s never too early to start ticking destinations off your bucket list via private jet charter and experience a once in a lifetime adventure with your family and friends.




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