German passport ESTA for traveling to the USA

German citizens have special provisions in the US Legislation to travel to the USA.  German citizens can travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) via ship or plane. The German citizens need to apply for Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) well in advance. There is no need for German citizens to apply for ESTA USA in case of traveling via land and the German travelers who desire to enter the USA under different categories such as to get the job or for study purposes also do not need to apply for ESTA.

The ESTA is the part of the Visa Waiver Program put in place by the government of the United States. This automated system determines the eligibility of German travelers to the US. Applying for ESTA is mandatory for those German citizens who are eligible, but have no valid visa to visit the States. ESTA is not the same as a visa that is why it is necessary for German citizens who travel the USA to educate themselves about specific rules and regulations of ESTA.

  • ESTA application process for Germans:

German citizens need to know that;

  • The process of ESTA application is online and it is accessible night and day, weekends, and holidays.
  • Mostly the applications get approval easily.
  • The validity of ESTA approval is for two years.
  • ESTA is for all Germans including children and infants.
  • When you should apply for ESTA and how long it takes to get it?

The ESTA application process is fast and easy for applicants and they usually receive a response in 24 hours in most circumstances, but sometimes the response takes time of 72 hours also. The US officials recommend that every applicant should apply for ESTA at least 72 hours before booking their ticket to the US.

  • When German’s need Visa instead of an ESTA?

ESTA is only for those German citizens who plan for a trip of a maximum of 90 days to the US and they have no valid Visa to travel to the United States. Germans with following characteristics need a visa instead of ESTA:

  • When their ESTA application is denied
  • They need to stay in the USA for more than 90 days
  • German citizens who are also the citizens of Iraq, Sudan, Iran, or Syria
  • In case of contracting some contagious disease
  • Convicted a crime of moral turpitude
  • Land border crossing for German’s done with an I-94w form and there is no need of ESTA
  • Germans who have been to Iraq, Syria, or Iran since March 2011.

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