Are Airport Parking Lots Safe? (the Answer Is Absolutely)

In 2019, there were 927 million airline passengers, an increase from the previous year. All of these passengers have somewhere to go, but what do they do with the vehicle they leave behind? When you can’t find anyone to take you to the airport, opt for parking your car in an airport parking lot.

Are airport parking lots safe? Read on to find out.

Are Airport Parking Lots Safe?

The question, “are airport parking lots safe?” comes up a lot because people don’t want to stress about their car while they are on a trip. The short answer is yes they are safe, but how safe are airport parking lots really? It is important to consider the different types of parking lots at airports to know which is the best option for you.

Onsite Airport Parking Lot

For one, an onsite airport parking lot is an option many people choose even though it’s a bit pricey. However, its proximity to the airport makes it worth the cost for some people.

As for airport parking lot safety, it is generally safe but still open to the public where anyone can get in. Most lots are monitored by a drive or walk by a guard. Some places even have surveillance cameras set up.

Offsite Airport Parking Lot

Parking at airports is not worth the cost for some people. Luckily, another option is an offsite airport parking lot. Depending on the airport you are at, these lots come with features and amenities.

Some offsite lots offer 24/7 security, camera surveillance, gates, and guards. This makes it much safer than a parking lot that is open to the public. This makes offsite lots a convenient and affordable parking option.

However, some offsite lots come without security. There are still ways to ensure your car stays safe in a parking lot like this, but it could be a risk. Parking lots without security tend to be cheaper than other options out there.

If you do opt to park your car in an offsite location, be sure to note whether or not the airport has shuttles to and from the lot. This can ensure you’re safety just as much as your vehicle’s.

Keep Your Car Safe

Although there are a lot of airport parking lots that are safe for your vehicle, it is important to take precautions just in case.

Before leaving your car in an airport parking lot, ensure there is nothing in it that could tempt someone to break in. If possible, choose a spot in a well-lit area that is closer to the exit gate. If the parking lot has camera surveillance, choose a spot where your car will be in sight of the camera.

If you are especially paranoid about leaving your car in an airport parking lot for a trip, invest in anti-theft gear. As always, don’t forget to lock your doors before you leave.

Have a Good Trip!

Now that you know airport parking lots are safe and there are various options to choose from, you can rest easy on your trip. Whether you are going on business or vacation, the last thing you should be worried about is your car. Get to the parking and have a good trip!

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